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The best way to get around is by taxi or a shared taxi known locally as "service taxi". Taxis and service taxis are distinguished by red number plates, and on some cars a red and white TAXI sign.


Today driving in Beirut and along the coast to Jounieh can be a real treat at night ! The roads are all illuminated and are, more often than not, pleasant for an evening stroll. Unfortunately we cannot say the same for the day time. Asphyxiating pandemonium is a good description for it. We prefer to drive only against the traffic which flows into the city in the morning and out of the city from the early afternoon to early evening. It must be said however that on the odd weekdays - rush hour traffic flows quite well and the roads are being improved on a daily basis.

Most international car rental agencies are available in Lebanon, however, the local car rental services provide better rates in most cases. For those with sufficient confidence, driving is not a problem. A few words of advice:

Always look out in all directions, many drivers in Lebanon are reckless!

Always stop at army checkpoints and turn on inside car lights.
It is normal to cut people off, but do it safely!

Don't drink and drive - it's the law!


A Tourist in Lebanon, just like any big city, is the first person to get ripped off. With the following information a traveler can feel comfortable knowing how to proceed with transportation costs. Tourists are statistically safer here than any major city in the world. In fact Lebanon's strongest asset is Tourism and visitors discover quickly the wholehearted welcome from the Lebanese who are always eager to show off their country. Taxis from the Airport to Beirut have a non negotiable fixed rate.

The following are taxi companies operate 24 hours a day:

Auto Tour Taxi New Jdeideh +961 1 888 222 / +961 1 882 888
Broumana Taxi Broumana +961 4 960 179
City Taxi Ashrafieh +961 1 397 903
Daaboul Taxi Sanayeh +961 1 346 690 / +961 1 354 372
Dora Taxi Dora +961 1 888 316 / +961 1 268 040
Lebanon Taxi   +961 1 353 152 / +961 1 353 153
Gardenia Taxi Hazmieh +961 5 451 817


There are both private and state-owned buses which can take you anywhere for only 500 Lira - these are the small buses with either a red or blue stripes. Stop them by flagging them down at the bus stops. A number of different size buses are available either on scheduled routes or for hire.

Social Scene

Lebanese people are known for their hospitality. Handshaking is the normal form of greeting. It is acceptable to give a small gift, particularly if invited home for a meal. As far as dress is concerned, casual dress is suitable for daytime wear, except in main towns where dress tends to be rather formal. Smarter hotels and restaurants often require guests to dress for dinner.

Smoking is common and acceptable unless specified otherwise.

Tipping: In hotels and restaurants, a tip of between five per cent and ten per cent of the bill is expected. It is not necessary to tip taxi drivers.

Lebanon's Summer - Video

A Beautiful Video About Lebanon (In English)

Rediscover Lebanon, Courtesy of Ministry of Tourism and MEA


Institution Accommodation Facilities

Following the large-scale destruction during the civil war, Beiruts hotels have now all been rebuilt, and a number of new ones added. Lebanon today offers accommodation to suit all budgets, and the Ministry of Tourism publishes an annual hotel guide which lists most of the hotels in the country. Outside Beirut, however, hotels are few and far between, particularly in the South. Visitors are advised to check reservations through a Lebanese representative at home before departing. Winter and summer rates are the same. Accommodation rates are normally subject to a 15 per cent service charge.

Emergency Contacts

The following is a list of emergency telphone numbers from within Lebanon:

Police 911
Fire 911
Ambulance 911
Medical Rescue Team South, Non-Emergency +412 343 5111

Hospital Emergency Numbers

Cullinan Private Hospital
Tel: (012) 305-2385
Emergency Services Tel: (012) 305-2383





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