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General Information

The Lebanese, along with the Palestinians, had one of the highest literacy rates in the Arab world. The rate was estimated at nearly to 80 percent in the mid-1980s, but like most other spheres of Lebanese life, communal and regional disparities existed. In general, Christians had a literacy rate twice that of Muslims. Druzes followed with a literacy rate just above that of Sunnis. Shias had the lowest literacy rate among the religious communities.


Educational System

Duration of compulsory education:
Age of entry: 6
Age of exit: 16

Structure of school system:
Basic or General Basic

Length of program in years: 10
Age level from: 6 to 16 years old

Length of program in years: 2
Age level from: 16 to 18 years old
Certificate/Diploma awarded: Tawjihi (General Secondary Education Certificate)

Length of program in years: 2
Age level from: 16 to 18 years old
Certificate/Diploma awarded: Completion Certificate


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Secondary Education

Secondary education is free but not compulsory. It consists of two years' study for students aged 16 to 18 who have completed the basic cycle (10 years) and comprises two major tracks: 1) Comprehensive education, which can either be academic or vocational. At the end of the two-year period students sit for the general secondary examination (Tawjihi) in the appropriate branch and those who pass are awarded the Tawjihi (General Secondary School Certificate). The academic stream qualifies for entrance to universities, whereas the vocational or technical type qualifies for entrance to Community Colleges. 2) Applied secondary education, which provides intensive vocational training and apprenticeship, and leads to the award of a Certificate (not the Tawjihi). This type of education is provided by the Vocational Training Corporation, under the control of the Ministry of Labour.


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Higher Education

Access to higher education is open to holders of the General Secondary Education Certificate who can then choose between private Community Colleges, public Community Colleges or universities. The credit-hour system has been adopted at universities, which entitles students to select courses according to a study plan. Higher education has developed along two separate lines, with traditional universities on the one hand, and non-university level institutions (Community Colleges) on the other. All post-secondary education is the responsibility of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Council of Higher Education.


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Foreign Students Admission

Definition of foreign student: A foreign student is any non-Jordanian national admitted to higher education institutions in Jordan. Many foreign nationals apply for admission to Jordanian universities each year. They come from Arab countries, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Quotas: Foreign students should represent a 10 percent quota of the total number of students admitted to Jordanian universities.

Admission requirements:

Foreign students should have qualifications equivalent to the Jordan Secondary Education Certificate.


Children with Special Needs

A school specializing in teaching methods for children who need special care.

Modern Education School


Modern Educational Academy - Grade 3A ( 2013/2014 ) - Video

A Video Showcasing Grade 3 Students at Modern Educational Academy (lots of pictures and music)

Originally Published on November 15th 2013

Modern Educational Academy grade 3 A مدارس الأكاديمية التربوية الحديثة (2013/2014) - طلاب الصف: ثالث أ ، إعداد معلمتهم فاديا عبدالله

Produced by: Rahmeh Musleh

Source: Higher Education Systems Database
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