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Taxis: Taxis are widely available in Palestinian cities. Fares are negotiable. West Bank blue license plates (Palestinian plate numbers) are prohibited by the Israeli occupation from entering Arab East Jerusalem. Arab Jerusalemites taxi’s (with yellow plates) may enter West Bank and Gaza Strip .It is easy to transfer to Palestinian taxi at the checkpoint.

An inexpensive alternative are Service Taxis. These are usually stretch Mercedes seating up to seven passengers, or Ford Transits , which operate on a fixed price just like a bus. If uncertain about the fare , just ask fellow passengers. Regular rates are normally about 20% more than the bus. Most of them travel between towns and cities from recognized taxi ranks, departing when they are full. This might involve waiting for six other people but the system is very popular and long delays are rare.

The locals also tend not to sit inside and wait, but stand around outside instead. Passengers can get out anywhere along the way, but you pay the same fare regardless. After dropping off a passenger, a replacement passenger is picked up where possible.

Car Hire: Local car hire firms generally offer lower rates than the international companies like Avis, Budget, and Hertz. If clients are planning to drive throughout the country, it can be a good idea to use a company that has a few offices in case they require a replacement car. Prices vary dramatically and shopping around is recommended. Based on 3 days rental, you should be looking at around $55 to $75 per day for a Fiat Uno or similar with air conditioning, insurance and a limited mileage. July and August prices are substantially higher than the rest of the year.

Note: Most car hire companies require that the driver is over 21 years old and has a clean driver’s license. It is not permitted to take hired vehicles into Sinai or over the border to Jordan.

Social Scene

Tel Aviv

Less than a century old, Tel Aviv is about finance, business and fun - it's pretty hard to compete with Jerusalem's three millennia of history, so Tel Aviv doesn't even try. Nearly everyone who lives here came from somewhere else, and a short walk through the city will take you to the spicy orientalism of the Yemenite Quarter, the seedy vodka cafes of Allenby St and the Miami chic of pastel pink beachfront condos. Tel Aviv isn't big on sights, but if you've been to Jerusalem you've probably had a gutful anyway. If you just can't get enough, visit the Diaspora Museum, which chronicles Jewish culture in exile, or the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. When you've finished, wander through the markets of the Yemenite Quarter, stop for a cappuccino and then pull up some sand on one of the best beaches in the Middle East.


The Galilee

Serious Bible territory, this is where Jesus did most of his preaching as well as a spot of water walking and some fish multiplying. It's also Israel's lushest region, with green valleys, verdant forests, fertile farmland and the Sea of Galilee. Nazareth, Jesus' childhood home, is a popular destination for pilgrims, but not much chop for the casual visitor. Although there are some important churches here, such as the Basilica of the Annunciation where the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary, the town itself is pretty ugly. Tiberias, on the western shore of Lake Galilee, is a much better base for enjoying the area. Spend the day enriching your soul at the tombs of ancient sages, then soak away the pains of the body in the town's famous hot springs. The Galilee is also home to the country's most extensive archaeological site, Beit She'an. The site is still being excavated, but a beautifully-preserved Roman amphitheatre, Byzantine baths, a temple and a colonnaded Roman street have already been uncovered. The site is on the Tiberias-Jerusalem bus route.


An Informative Video About the City of Hebron (Video in English)

Hebron 'Al Khalil' in arabic, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited towns in the world. Holy to Muslims, Christians, and Jews alike as the burial place of Abraham, Al -- Khalil. The Abraham Mosque, which houses the tombs of the Patriarchs, dominates the city center's landscape. Hebron is known for its lush grape vineyards, pottery, glassware, leatherworks, and other inventive arts. Lively, colorful, and creative are the most common words used by tourists to describe this city. Courtesy of Travel Palestine.



Bethlehem is a cynic's delight, with Manger Square, Manger St, Star St, Shepherds' St, two Shepherds' Fields and an unheavenly host of 'Christmases', but if you've got even the remotest Christian background, you're bound to wind up here. Bethlehem is built around Manger Square, the town centre and, strangely, the town carpark. The Church of the Nativity is the raison d'être of this holy town, and one of the world's oldest working churches. Built over the spot where Jesus is said to have been born, it's a suitably august and venerable piece of architecture. If kitsch is more to your taste, take a look at Milk Grotto Chapel, a shrine to the Virgin Mary's lactations. Rachel's Tomb, on the edge of town, is one of Judaism's most sacred shrines, and is also revered by Muslims and Christians. There's not much accommodation in Bethlehem, but it's only a 40-minute bus ride from Jerusalem.

City of Nablus - Video

A Wonderful Video About the City of Nablus (Video in English)

Nablus known as 'The Uncrowned Queen of Palestine' is one of the major commercial, industrial and agricultural centers in the West Bank and many historical and biblical sites are located in the region. Nablus is also renowned for its talented goldsmiths, its Nabulsi Soap and its tasty oriental pastery. The Mount Gerzim in Nablus is the home of the Samaritans, the smallest and oldest sect in the world. Courtesy of Travel Palestine.


Institution Accommodation Facilities

Most of the institutes have segregated, conveniently located and cost-effective accommodation facilities. The accommodation fees vary from institute to institute.

Private Rental Market

Many furnished and unfurnished apartments are available throughout the emirates. When you rent a unit in a private building you will have to sign a rental agreement or lease that specifies your rights and responsibilities and those of the property owner and his agent.

Emergency Contacts

Emergency telephone numbers from within Palestine:

Ambulance & Fire Brigade +012 734 5841
Hospitals +012 305 2383
Police +012 734 4411


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