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Offers statistical details on the railways, highways, waterways, ports & harbors, airports, and other facts on transportation in Kuwait.

Car Hire

Self-drive is available. If you produce an International Driving Permit, the rental company will, within five days, grant a temporary local licence valid for one month


Taxis run 24 hours a day and rental cars are readily available throughout the country. At the time of writing, there is a fixed rate of KD 4 from the airport into the city. Drivers may not speak English so it is a good idea to know the name of your destination. In the city, there are two types of taxi. Orange taxis work a fixed route and pick up passengers anywhere along that route. These taxis may be shared. Call taxis pick up passengers on request only. Fares for a journey of around 15km in a private taxi should be in the region of KD2.500 but the taxi company will be able to tell you the exact cost of the taxi when you book.

Public Bus Transportation

Kuwait Transport Company operates a nationwide service which is both reliable and inexpensive.

Social Scene

Handshaking is the customary form of greeting. It is quite likely that a visitor will be invited to a Kuwaitis home, but entertaining is also conducted in hotels and restaurants. A small gift promoting the company, or representing ones native country, is always welcome.

The visitor will notice that most Kuwaitis wear the national dress of long white dishdashes and white headcloths, and that many women wear yashmaks. It is important for women to dress modestly according to Islamic law. Men do not usually wear shorts in public and should not go shirtless. All other Islamic rules and customs must be respected.

Convicted users of narcotics can expect to receive a sentence of up to five years imprisonment, plus a heavy fine. No Smoking signs are posted in many shops.

It is greatly appreciated if visitors learn at least a few words of Arabic. Tipping: A service charge of 15 per cent is usually added to bills in hotels, restaurants and clubs. Otherwise ten per cent is acceptable.



Institution Accommodation Facilities

Hotels range from deluxe to first and second class. Many top hotels in Kuwait City feature sport complexes, restaurants and shopping malls. Serviced apartments, some with hotel-style room service, are also available. Prices are generally high. All rates are subject to a 15 per cent service charge.

Private Rental Market

Kuwait follows a liberal commercial policy guided by a free economic head and fostered by a uniquely strong position of balance of payments. The Kuwaiti market is, therefore, a free trading oasis where Customs Duties are nominal, the rate being 4% on the C.I.F. cost on almost all imports. Fresh vegetables, fruits, livestocks and other items exempted from the Customs Duties. No restrictions on quantities, qualities, quotas and licenses exist in Kuwait, provided that imported goods match the Kuwaiti standards. Furthermore, there are no regulations or control over the movement of foreign exchange nor any ban on trade with other countries except so-called Israel and Iraq. Kuwait, thus, is an ideal trading pool where ample chances exist for all sorts of consumer as well as durable goods to pour in substantial quantities from all corners of the world.

Kuwait Chamber of Commerce


Things To Do

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Kuwait City is the capital of Kuwait and is home for 2.4 million of Kuwait’s 2.7 million people.

It is located in the East of the country on the Persian Gulf shore.

There is much to do in Kuwait City, with some of the highlights below:

Rent In Kuwait

Rent in Kuwait


Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers are the most recognisable structures in Kuwait. They consist of three similar towers and are almost seen a symbol of the country. The centre tower is the largest at 187 metres and contains a restaurant and viewing platform. The viewing platform rotates 360 degrees every 30 minutes and offers a wonderful view of Kuwait’s premier City. It is a must for all visitors. 

The National Museum

The National Museum is generally regarded as the best in Kuwait City. It contains numerous artefacts from the country’s fascinating history. The museum is made up of four buildings set around a centre garden.

Entertainment City

Entertainment City is situated 20km outside of the City and fills 142 acres. It is Kuwait’s largest theme park and a very popular tourist destination. There are three main areas to the park, Arab World, International World, and Futuristic World. Arab World is based on the local Arabian culture with International World based on different parts of the world, while Future World has a futuristic feel to it. In total across the whole of Entertainment City there are 40 different rides.

Aqua Park

This park, which is next to the Kuwait Towers, is a very popular attraction, especially for families with children. There are a number of pools and rides suitable for all.

Scientific Centre

Situated on the seafront, the Scientific Centre is a centre of environmental education for the whole of the gulf region. It features much family friendly entertainment. The three main areas consist of a 3D cinema, an aquarium and an area called Discovery Place. The aquarium is the largest in the Middle East with over 100 different species. Discovery Place is an interactive area which has an aim of allowing visitors to discover different aspects of science.

Zoological Park

The Zoological Park is spread over 180,000 square metres. It contains a large number of species of birds, insects and reptiles. The highlights include Tigers, Lions, Zebras, Elephants and Giraffes.

The Fish Market

The fish market is a bustling area and a real hub of the City. The Fish Market is situated in a large building with a huge variety of seafood for sale.

Musical Fountain

This impressive fountain mixes water with sound. The fountain and background music are choreographed beautifully to form a spectacular audio-visual display.

Municipal Gardens

These gardens are found all around the city. They are well maintained and well worth a visit. The most popular of the Municipal Gardens are in Fahd Al-Salem Street

Gyms and Fitness Clubs

For those who enjoy keeping fit there are gyms and fitness clubs throughout Kuwait City. They are often located within hotel complexes but in many cases those who aren’t guests are still able to use them.

Eating Out

There is much choice when it comes to eating out in the city. As well as Kuwaiti cuisine there is also plenty of choice for those looking for something different, including Italian, French and Indian food.

Rent In Kuwait
Emergency Contacts

The following is a list of emergency telephone numbers from within Kuwait:

Police 199
Fire 100 - 105
Ambulance 4722000 / 4721008

Hospital Emergency Numbers
Dar Al Shifa: 2423151
Hadi: 5312555

Kuwait Telephone Directory: 101

Thruaya (Telephone Company)


Al-Ebrahim Taxi +965 240 0013
Al-Remal Al-Dahabia +965 572 2111
Al-Safir Taxi +965 563 3318 or 563 3622
Al-Salmiya Taxi +965 572 2931
American Taxi +965 562 5116 or 561 0435
Burgan Taxi +965 241 5500 or 241 6500
Dollar Taxi +965 533 8033 or 533 8044 or 533 8055
Gulf Taxi +965 241 1450 or 241 1451
Limousine Al-Kuwait Taxi +965 243 8777
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Rent In Kuwait

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