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P.O. Box 6844
Abu Dhabi, UAE


Telephone: +971 2 666 8377
Fax: +971 2 665 1318

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The UAE Academy is a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the UAE Academy is an independently operated Center of Excellence. Through established relationships in the business community, a direct understanding of the current business challenges facing the UAE and a unique spectrum of educational and corporate learning programs, we empower the next generation of Emiratis to take their rightful place in an exciting work environment.


The UAE Academy: Empowers Dreams Through Knowledge

Professional Development Studies
  • IBDAA program aims to prepare UAE nationals, who have successfully completed their higher education studies, to enter the job market as well as supply private sector companies with qualified graduates who have the right skills to meet employment requirements.
  • Tajdeed Program aims to provide job opportunities for experienced government retirees, by offering them theoretical and practical retraining and support to facilitate their re-integration in to the labor market.
Undergraduate Studies
  • Not Available
Graduate Studies
  • Not Available


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