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Strathclyde Business School UAE

CERT - Dubai
Higher Colleges of Technology

P.O. Box 10662
Dubai, UAE

Telephone: +971 4 208 9280
Fax: +971 4 267 3939


CERT Technology Park

P.O. Box 5464
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Telephone: +971 2 404 8546

Strathclyde Business School UAE Website

Strathclyde Business School believe that they offer one of the best MBA learning experiences in the world. A bold statement, but one they believe they can qualify…

  • Strathclyde Business School UAE consistently demonstrates excellence in the quality of teaching, research and knowledge exchange, and the drive and motivation to continuously improve is boundless
  • The Strathclyde Business School MBA adopts a holistic integrated approach to management education which aims to develop executive potential by giving a broad understanding of business and management and a depth of vision essential to tomorrow’s top managers and corporate leaders
  • Strathclyde Business School UAE ensures that all course members are experienced business people, thus all members truly understand the dynamics of the work-place, and are able to contribute more readily to sessions.
Undergraduate Studies
  • Not Available
Graduate Studies
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
  • Master of Science (MSc.) in Supply Chain & Logistics Management
Programs Approved by: Commission for Academic Accredition of the Ministry of Higher Education in UAE
master of business administration; master of science in marketing; master of science in supply chain and operations management; masters in entrepreneurship

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