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Al Khawarizmi International College

Abu Dhabi Campus
P.O. Box 25669
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Telephone: +971 2 678 9700
Fax: +971 2 678 9300
Al Ain Campus
P.O. Box 68297
Al Ain, UAE
Telephone: +971 3 761 1174
Fax: +971 3 761 1184


Al Khawarizmi International College Website

Al Khawarizmi International College is committed to satisfy the needs of its diverse community by providing high quality, student-centered, career-driven and innovative educational and training programs that respond to the local needs and global tendencies and harmonize with the regional cultural context and social values.

  • Al Khawarizm International College has respect for the UAE Social System, Islamic and other cultures.
  • Al Khawarizm International College provides fairness and equitable opportunities for the College community.
  • Al Khawarizm International College provides teamwork spirit, positive thinking and attitude.
  • Al Khawarizm International College provides progressive and proactive learning.
Undergraduate Studies
  • Bachelor in Information Technology
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor in Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Bachelor in Health Sciences
  • Associate Degree in Medical Records
  • Associate Degree in Computer Graphics and Animation
  • Associate Degree in Information Technology
  • Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration
  • Associate Degree in Islamic Banking
  • Associate Degree in Fashion Design
Graduate Studies
  • Not Available
Programs Approved by: Commission for Academic Accredition of the Ministry of Higher Education in UAE
associate of computer graphics and animation; associate of fashion design; associate of information technology; associate of science in business administration; associate of science in islamic banking; bachelor of business administration; bachelor of information technology

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