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International Horizons College

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Dubai, UAE

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International Horizons College

International Horizons College is a selective independent and international undergraduate institution committed to fulfilling high standards of intellectual excellence relevant to the 21st century.

The institution provides high academically performing students within the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) region with an American curriculum college education in arts, sciences and pre-professional studies and serves as a bridge for transfer access to elite universities in the United States and regional institutions.

At International Horizons College we balance specialized and general education to ensure that our students achieve a strong foundation for widely varying careers in business and industry, the professions, public service, teaching and fine arts.


International Horizons College will be known throughout the MENASA region for our progressive American curriculum college education and superior rates of student success.

Strategic Goals and Objectives:

  • Increase access to higher education of under-served groups in the MENESA region
  • Foster innovation in teaching and learning to improve student success – establishing the Global Classroom and Anytime Anywhere Learning
  • Promote college-wide interaction with, and acceptance of, diverse peoples, cultures, arts and perspectives
  • Engage all members of the college community in an ongoing program of environmental sustainability and resource conservation
Undergraduate Studies

International Horizons College offers:

Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts

for the purpose of providing students with a broad arts and sciences education and to prepare them to successfully transfer to top universities to earn their bachelors degrees.

Since all universities in the U.S. offer essentially the same general education pattern for the first two years of college, International Horizons College has modeled its curriculum around a general core program augmented by selected courses to qualify students for their major which they pursue in years three and four.

In order to do this efficiently for International Horizons College’s size and scope as a college, the preparation for university major has been established through four Areas of Emphasis in the A.A. degree:

  • Arts, Humanities & Communications
  • Business
  • Sciences (Natural and Physical)
  • Social & Behavioral Sciences


The Associate Degree of Arts with an emphasis area in Business places students on a successful academic and career path by providing them with an introduction to business, accounting, economics, statistics, ethics, English, quantitative methods, and a strong humanities, science and social science background needed by today’s outstanding leaders.

The courses emphasize the integration of theory and practice and will develop the ability to understand effective management practices in a context of global enterprises. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the role of business and technology in the emerging global economy and will critically apply ethical standards to business decisions and practices.

The Business Area of Emphasis is part of the International Horizons College liberal arts core curriculum, which facilitates the transfer of credits from International Horizons College to leading universities in the United States as well as selected universities elsewhere in the world. 

Programs Approved by: Commission for Academic Accredition of the Ministry of Higher Education in UAE
associate of arts in liberal arts


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