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French Fashion University ESMOD Dubai International

Dubai International Academic City - Block 4

P.O. Box 211021
Dubai, UAE

Telephone: +971 4 429 1228

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ESMOD is the oldest and most renowned fashion design school in the world, with schools established across the globe. Founded in 1841, ESMOD’S International network has been exporting "French expertise" that foresees current events and that evolves to meet the market’s needs, for over 170 years.

  • Esmod Dubai International nurtures the creative spirit within their students and foster and reward their efforts to achieve innovative outcomes.
  • Esmod Dubai International assists students to develop their ability to produce meticulous expressions of fashion design.
  • Esmod Dubai International stimulates their students' drive for excellence, their entrepreneurship and their eagerness to experiment with ‘breaking the mould’.
  • For Esmod Dubai International, Innovation and creativity are constant themes of their teaching and curriculum.
  • Esmod Dubai International provides a collaborative learning environment, setup for a vibrant mix of personalities to flourish, and for their students and staff to express a range of opinions, ambitions and desires.
Undergraduate Studies
  • Higher Diploma in Fashion Design & Pattern Making
  • Fashion Workshops
    • Fashion Design and Pattern Making - 3 months
    • Fashion Design and Pattern Making - 6 months
    • Fashion Design and Pattern Making - 1 year
    • Fashion Marketing - 9 months
    • Luxury Brand Management - 3 months
    • Fashion Illustration - 3 months
    • Haute Couture Technique Master Class
      • Draping
      • Corset
  • Perfume Workshops
    • Perfume I - 1 month
    • Perfume II - 4 months
    • Perfume III - 1 month
  • Make-Up Workshops
    • Fashion Make-Up
    • Fashion Make-Up in Urdu & Farsi
    • Special Effects Make-Up
The Fashion Business / ISEM course is attached to the University of Lyon 2, Level II Partnership with the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) - School of Engineering in Paris for the bachelor degree "Management and Fashion Firm Innovation" acknowledged by the state.
Graduate Studies
Partnership with the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) - School of Engineering in Paris and the ITM (International Management Institute) for the MBA "General Management-Fashion Business", the 1st fashion MBA, accredited by the French state and the International Association of MBAs, established at the University of Harvard in 1967.


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