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Dubai Real Estate Institute

Land Department Building, 1st Floor, Baniyas Road
P.O. Box 126026
Dubai, UAE


Telephone: +971 4 203 0456
Fax: +971 4 203 0207

Dubai Real Estate Institute Website

Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) is an industry-founded learning community providing comprehensive, high quality graduate and professional development programs on real estate, in partnership with internationally recognized universities. Dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and service, Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) contributes to the creation of prosperous and sustainable future for all.

  • Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) develops leaders capable of facing the new challenges of the global real estate business environment.
  • Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) develops real estate entrepreneurs who are capable of identifying, pursuing, developing and managing real estate initiatives all over the world.
  • Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) assists in solving organizational problems and building strategic and operational capabilities of real estate companies to achieve extraordinary performance through consultancy and custom programs.
  • Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) provides a broad spectrum of high quality educational programs that address the evolving needs of individuals at different ranks.
  • Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) creates a unique, dynamic learning environment where all students have the opportunity to excel.
  • Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) engages in research, scholarship and intellectual endeavors that are consistent with the highest standards of academic excellence.
  • Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) forges relationships and alliances with stakeholders and important others and make collaboration an integral part of our activities.
  • Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI) fosters the exchange of knowledge and the sharing of best practices through conferences, forums, roundtables, seminars and panels.
Taining Courses
  • Best Practices in Real Estate Sales & Leasing
  • Certified Diploma in Real Estate
  • Certified Practitioners Training Course (Broker's)
  • Ejari Training
  • Escrow Training
  • Real Estate Negotiation & Communication Skills
  • Owners Association Management Training - English
  • Owners Association Management Training - Arabic
  • Property Development & Feasibility Analysis Course
  • Roadmap to Customer Advocacy
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Surveyors Course
  • Continuous Education for Owners Association
  • Branding for Real Estate
  • Certified International Property Specialist
  • Communications & Presentation Skills for Real Estate Professionals
  • Cross Cultural Training for Real Estate Professionals
  • Customer Service for excellence in Real Estate Relationships
  • Expectation Management & Problem Solving
  • Home Inspection Course
  • Project Risk Management Workshop
  • Real Estate Associate Development Program (READ)
  • Real Estate Economics
  • Real Estate Management & Principals
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Real Estate Negotiation II
  • Principles of Urban Planning
  • Corporate Governance for Developers  
  • Hiring the Best
  • Managing and Developing the Team
  • Inspiring a Highly Motivated Team
  • People Problems
  • Managing Change
  • Working with Differences
Undergraduate & Graduate Studies
  • Not Available

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