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Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tel:+971 2 622 8367 /  +971 2 622 8368
Fax:+971 2 622 8369

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Dubai, UAE

Tel: +971 4 344 6814
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IDP Education - Middle East Website

IDP Middle East has become a trusted name for students looking for an education in Australia.

IDP Education's well-established global network, international students receive expert information on the range of Australian education options available to them.

IDP Education Middle East counsellors are specialists in their field. They provide personalized service to students, advising them on the best ways to achieve their education and career goals. They also help students in understanding Australian student visa regulations and submission of their visa applications.


What makes IDP Education Middle East the number one recruiter ?

  • IDP Education Middle East offers a greater range of information about courses and educational institutions in Australia.
  • IDP Education Middle East offers advice and free enrolment services for a full-range of education opportunities including universities, TAFE, private colleges, schools and English courses.
  • IDP Education Middle East practises high standards and offer unbiased advice about studying in Australia.
  • IDP Education Middle East discuss the ‘whole–of–life’ education experience and helps achieve long-term educational goals.

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