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Al Ain Cultural and Scientific Institute

Office M03, Mezzanine Floor 2
Etihad Building
Al Ain, UAE


Tel:   +971 564014078


Al Ain Cultural and Scientific Institute
Al Ain Cultural and Scientific Institute provides Professional Training & Consultation Services in the fields of:
  • Training & Consulting for Human Capital Strategy
  • Training & Consulting for Employee Benefit Plan Audit
  • Training & Consulting in Knowledge Management
  • Training & Consulting in Business Performance Management Analytics
  • Training & Consulting for Industrial Sectors
  • Training & Consulting in Marketing & Sales
  • Training & Consulting in Business Problem-Solving
  • Training & Consulting for International Finance
  • Training & Consulting for the Industries Safety
  • Training & Consulting in Leadership Development

Al Ain Cultural and Scientific Institute's vision and commitment is to provide consulting and training solutions, guaranteed, professional, specialised to the needs of public & private sector with international standards through local expertise and seek to enhance our reputation as leaders and pioneers in the fields of training and consultation.

Al Ain Cultural and Scientific Institute's mission is to be and remain the reference and developer in the provision of training and consultation services in the MENA, with the implementation of human resources policies for UAE local government 2030


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