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AARMAK Consulting, Training & Auditing


Main Office
Al Murakabath Road
Deira, UAE, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 265 1500
Fax: +9714 269 5541

Sharjah Branch
Tel: +971 6 534 8580
Fax: +971 6 534 8560



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AARMAK Consulting, Training & Auditing is focused on the provision and maintenance of the financial, economic and strategic studies, educational consultancies and investors services, evaluation of business, in addition to the practice of auditing works of all types including the electronic data and information, accounting books and records, all other business and accounting services, and the financial review.


AARMAK Consulting, Training & Auditing - Training Department aims to enhance the employees performance working in all establishments, either governmental or private, that we provide a highly quality services of training to all administrative and functional levels in order to develop their professional skills to contribute to lead the establishment and achieve its strategic objectives. We believe that the professional and effective human cadres and staff is essential for the success of any establishment.


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