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Stenden University - Qatar

P.O. Box 36037
Al-Jeleait Street, Bin Omran
Doha, Qatar

Website:   http://

Telephone:   +974 488 8116

Stenden University - Qatar Website

Stenden University - Qatar  unleashes the potential in their students, staff and surrounding communities.

  • Stenden University - Qatar stands for a broad spectrum of excellent educational-, knowledge-and research services which have a solid foundation.
  • Students and employees of Stenden University - Qatar work in an international, enterprising and value-driven environment on personal leadership and creativity.
  • Stenden University - Qatar achieves this through attention and respect for personal inspiration and eye for human dimensions and needs.
Undergraduate Studies
  • BBA - Internalional Tourism Management Studies
  • BBA - International Hospitality Management Studies
  • BBA - International Business Management Studies
Graduate Studies
  • Not Available


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