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Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies

Education City
P.O. Box 5825
Doha, Qatar


Telephone: +974 4 454 6600

Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies Website

Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies (QFIS) is an international center for Islamic thinking and dialogue. Its aim is to enhance research into Islamic culture and promote the diversity and tolerance of the Islamic Fiqh, or understanding.

  • At Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies, learning takes place in an open, intellectual environment and produces a structure of study that will enable future generations of scholars to become experts in Islamic culture and ideology. These graduates will be well-equipped to tackle the challenges facing Muslim communities across the world.

Undergraduate Studies
  • Not Available
Graduate Studies
  • Postgraduate Diplomas in Islamic Finance
  • Postgraduate Diploma in General Islamic Studies
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Public Policy in Islam
  • Master of Science in Islamic Finance
  • Master of Arts in Public Policy in Islam
  • Master of Arts in Islamic Studies with a specialization in Contemporary Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence) and Religion and Contemporary Thought
  • Master of Science in Urban Design and Architecture in Muslim Societies
  • Master of Arts in Contemporary Muslim Societies


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