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Management Development Center International

Suite 705/6, 7th Floor, Entrance 3
Manama Centre, Government Avenue
P.O. Box 26305
Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain


Tel: +973 1 721 6002
Fax: +973 1 721 6007

Management Development Center International (MDCI) Website
Management Development Center International (MDCI) has a team of experienced business-related staff, all of whom have considerable experience of designing and delivering Educational programmes around the world in countries such as Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, KSA, Sudan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, the USA and most of Europe.

The Management Development Center International (MDCI) team have significant experience of the world of business encompassing diverse industries such as auto manufacture, food and beverage provision, engineering and finance.

Management Development Center International (MDCI) makes it a priority to offer a bespoke solution for each client, as well as more general provision in programmes such as a Master’s Degree.


Management Development Center International (MDCI) is proud to have worked with University of Hull MBA students in the GCC for the past 20 years, helping over 2000 executives complete their postgraduate studies. Programmes include MBA, DBA and MSc. and are exclusively taught by the University faculty on location in the GCC.

Management Development Center International (MDCI) is supporting MBA students to complete their MBA in Oil and Gas Management. The blended learning methods pioneered by Robert Gordon University mean that students have the maximum flexibility in the their studies and takes the best from a ‘blend’ of internet, computer, and material based studies supported by on-campus and local workshops.

As one of the oldest Open Universities in the world UNISA - University of South Africa maintains its strict examinations regime in cooperation with Management Development Center International (MDCI) in London, which is now the largest overseas centre where UNISA - University of South Africa students can write their examinations.

Postgraduate Studies
  • University of Hull’s MBA program is one of the best in the UK
  • MBA Aberdeen Business School (Robert Gordon University)
  • mini-MBA designed and led by experienced, international MBA tutors, all currently involved in programmes worldwide. This intensive training programme enables you to gain a deep insight into the MBA ‘system’ and to take away useful knowledge and skills that you can implement immediately in your organisation.
  • MBA Top-Up programme aims to provide MBA graduates in the Gulf with a series of linked workshops designed to update your business academic and practical knowledge. Furthermore it aims to reinforce the investment you have made in the face of a rapidly changing business environment.


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