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Arabian Gulf University

P.O. Box 26671
Manama, Bahrain

Telephone:  +973 1 723 9883
Fax:  +973 1 723 9555

Arabian Gulf University Website

Arabian Gulf University is based on the belief in the importance of university and higher level education in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) society. To satisfy the needs of GCC countries in terms of specialists and experts in various occupational fields connected to society.


Arabian Gulf University has aspirations towards a brighter future, one of which was to create a melded co-existence, of mentality and of advancement in knowledge for members of the society at large to promote the area and growth in its various sectors.

Undergraduate Studies
  • Bachelor of Basic Medical Sciences
  • Bachelor of Clinical Clerkships
Graduate Studies
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Laboratory Medicine 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Health Professions Education
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Health Policy and Population Studies
  • Master of Science in Laboratory Medicine 
  • Master of Science in Health Professions Education
  • Master of Science in Health Policy and Population Studies
  • Doctorate in Molecular Medicine


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