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Box Hill College Kuwait

P.O. Box 29192
Safat 13152, Kuwait


Telephone: +965 1 842425
Fax: +965 2 545 8600


Box Hill College Kuwait Website

Box Hill College Kuwait is committed to creating a quality learning environment for students that provides the opportunity to acquire necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the local job market, or to pursue further tertiary education pathways.

  • Box Hill College Kuwait administers academic matters efficiently and professionally.
  • Box Hill College Kuwait produces quality academic programs that fulfill Kuwait society's needs and market requirements.
  • Box Hill College Kuwait attracts academic expertise to provide a learning environment that is characterized by a high international standard of teaching quality.
  • Box Hill College Kuwait develops teaching and learning processes that are student and technology centric.
  • Box Hill College Kuwait diversifies academic programs and maintains their qualities.
  • Box Hill College Kuwait achieves superior quality in the academic programs offered while maintaining full accreditation.
Undergraduate Studies
  • Diploma of Graphic Design 
  • Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration
  • Diploma of Website Development
  • Diploma of Financial Services (Banking) 
  • Diploma of Marketing
  • Diploma of Management
Graduate Studies
  • Not Available


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