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Arab Student Aid International (ASAI)

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Who:   Undergraduate and graduate students from Arab world, teachers and doctors.

What:   Loans, grants, matching funds

When:   academic school year

Where:   various countries

Program length:    varies

Deadline to apply:   Deadlines vary


Arab Student Aid International programs support undergraduate and graduate students from the Arab world, studying in 14 countries. The organization says it is particularly interested in “contributing to the enhancement of highly specialized graduates especially in those fields that are in demand and not readily available at universities in the Arab States.”

The organization’s assistance include interest-free loans (for Masters and Ph.D), grants to teachers and doctors in the West Bank and Gaza, and matching funds from the British Council for special medical programs in the West Bank and Gaza.

Arab Student Aid International also offers university placement, counseling, supervision and employment services. Students must plan to work and live in the Arab world upon graduation. Over 100 scholarships are awarded each year. Final decisions are made in early August.

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