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Information About Scholarships for Doctorate & PhD. Arab Students


Andrew Carnegie Centennial Fellowship

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Who: Member of the staff of a university situated in the Arab World and working in the social sciences or related discipline.

What: Visiting scholar

When: Fall semester

Where: Humphrey School

Deadline to apply: March 31, Public Affairs, University of Minnesota, United States

Program length: 1 semester (min. 3 months — max. 6 months)


The ideal candidate is a junior faculty member who has obtained his or her Ph.D. in the past five years, but pre-doctoral candidates and those with more than five years since the Ph.D. will also be considered.

The visiting scholars will work closely with Professor Ragui Assaad, Professor James Ron, Professor Sarah Parkinson and other faculty members at the Humphrey School and the University of Minnesota on research relating to youth and gender, human rights, and mobilization in the context of the Arab Spring.


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